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Before the attack comes the heart gives some symptoms to the body

TECH SIVAN 2018-03-12 12:24:19

Hi Friends, many people worldwide die of heart attacks. Most people do not know even before they get heart attack. But let me tell you if you are cautious about this thing. And if you recognize the coming crisis, then you can escape from this attack. You may not know, but a few days before the heart attack, the body gives some indication.

The heart gives the body before the attack comes:

If there is a burning sensation and pain in the cine for no reason, then if the chest begins to feel overwhelmed, then this is the symptoms before the heart attack. If you get this indication then you can meet the doctor without delay.

Due to weakness of the heart, blood flow is not done in the correct amount. Because of which the blood does not reach the brain properly. There is a dizziness. If you have frequent dizziness. So check the doctor once.
Due to not working properly in the heart, Oxygen can not reach Ferraro as much as it requires. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing.

Apart from all this, if you are always feeling tired or lazy without any effort or effortless work. So this also indicates that your heart is not working properly.

Important thing is To avoid heart attacks, the heart has to work properly. Therefore, to maintain blood circulation right in the body, you should always exercise in the morning races.

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