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Do you know how pen drive is used in a smartphone?

English news 2018-03-12 20:37:29

Pen drives are used by most people to store data. This is a very easy way to store data. Earlier, there used to be a lot of storage drive, but now you can get 16 GB to 64 GB or more storage capacity. They all know how pen drives are used in the computer, but do you know how to use it in your smartphone?


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However, now there are phones with huge memory phones coming in the market, but there are still many people who use old memory of small memory, these drives can be quite useful for them. Using it, you can use save data on the drive on the phone.

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For this, you have to use an OTG cable . These cables will get you anywhere from 70 to 100 rupees on any mobile shop. In this cable the USB Female port on one side and the MicroUSB 2.0 USB option is provided on the other side. It is mounted from one side to the mobile and from the other side it is applied in the pen drive.


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Apart from this, you can buy pen drives directly in the phone. In this you do not have to buy OTG cable. You can connect this drive directly to your smartphone. Apart from this, there are also Wi-Fi drives in the market. Although their price is slightly higher than ordinary drives.