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Mr. Anand Kumar sacrificed his personal gains to make Super 30 a success.

Aryamanish 2018-03-13 10:34:23

Hello friends today i am going to tell you about Anand kumar. Nobody is unfamiliar with the success of Super 30 in this world. All students dream that their IIT is enrolled in the Super 30 Institute for JEE preparation, so that they can get an opportunity to read from Mr. Anand Kumar (mathematician of Bihar).

All students want to enroll in Super 30 for which entrance examinations are taken annually at national level. The top-up students in this examination get an opportunity to read in the Super 30 to prepare for the IIT JEE.

We all learned about the success of Super 30, but never thought about the difficulties faced by Mr. Anand Kumar in launching this. It is said that when you think about a dream then the whole world becomes against you. Something similar happened with Mr. Anand Kumar.

When he got along with his brother to open a coaching institute to teach poor students free, all the coaching institutes would be against him and he made countless attempts to stop his good work. When nothing else happened, Anand Kumar was attacked by a mafia once, during which one of his partners suffered serious injuries, then he had the idea of ​​closing Super 30 in his mind. But when the students studying in the Super 30 together with them during this incident, then they decided to never stop Super 30.

After this, the Super 30 gradually started limiting the new highways of success. It is said that when someone succeeds, the world becomes ready to go with him. After this, many coaching institutes come forward to give financial support to the Super 30. Along with that, he also had many offers in front of Anand Kumar but he did not accept anyone.

There is a very common question about all students of Super 30, why only 30 students For this, Anand Kumar said that he started studying 63 more students in a renowned Navodaya Vidyalaya with the help of Navodaya Vidyalaya Committee, so that now 93 students from all over whom he started coaching for IIT JEE. In which the full cost of living and food of the students is being raised by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Committee.

After seeing the complete video of the student Super 30 founder, Mr. Anand Kumar ji, he will know how he can make every effort to fulfill his dreams by facing any ecology.

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