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ISKON is silent on Ram Mandir establishment in Ayodhya- Why?

Naukri Nama 2018-03-13 15:33:55

ISKON temple always believes chanting of Hare Krishna and distributing the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to every town and village in the world. Whereas Ram Mandir is a controversial and political issue and has nationalistic overtones and many ups and downs.

Some says that it would be correct to have a temple for Lord Rama there, and some are in the favor of masjid. But no body is not able to understand that nothing in life will change if it doesn’t happen.

Iskon maintains a slience over these national overtones and keeps distance from this . The management of the temple says,”When there is sufficient funds Iskcon builds temples and establishes farm communities”, seems that the focus of the management is more on propagating the chanting of Hare Krishna, and correcting the misconceptions about Krishna’s appearance and activities.