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Is Kashmir Conflict a War Between the Countries Or Mindset of People?

Wittyfeed 2018-03-13 13:22:56

The partition of India and Pakistan displaced over 14 million people on religious lines. As the years passed, more and more violence, constitutional dominance, loss of lives and disrupted atmosphere of hostility became a matter of much suspicion and confusion.

India's relation with Pakistan post the separation can also be termed as one of the biggest political debates in the world. And even today, after so many years, if there is a place that sits on the hotbed of disputes and agitation, it is our beloved KASHMIR.

The first instance of both the nations, India and Pakistan, indulging in armed conflicts was reported in October 1947, and there has been no end to it since then. The war did not have a conclusive victor, maybe that is why we as nations are still getting motivated to fight again in the hope that one of us might win it someday. 

The after-effects of partition 


The Pakistani armed forces tried to occupy Kashmir and the after effect of this was the war of 1965 which was a result of Operation Gibralter. The struggle continued for 17 days, resulting in thousands of casualties and involvement of a large number of military vehicles and tanks. The war ended, but it was only after the intervention of the Soviet Union and the United States.

All wars in brief... 


There were many other wars which saw a large number of prisoners of war and creation of various parties. The Siachen Conflict in 1984 created another big challenge. Then came the 1999 Kargil War which allowed the Indian soldiers to regain most of the territories. The struggle then ended when Pakistan withdrew its troops, but was that end actually an end?

Current scenario of both the nations 

Though the countries are not in a state of war, there are always virtual warlike situations. It only requires a post on the Internet to ignite the controversy and rage between both the nations because there's so much that is yet to be done. Indians blame Pakistanis and vice versa, but who is actually responsible for this? 

We asked a question to our audience 

The question of who is responsible for Kashmir's conflict remains hanging in the air which is why we came up with this India Ka Pulse and asked people's views. 

Here are some of the responses that we received: 

Is it the political leaders of that time? 


Is it the Britishers who divided these nations? 


It is all of us because we are the ones who created this big divide? 


Will India and Pakistan indulge in meaningful talks? 


Are the people of Kashmir encouraging this? 


Here's what our analysis says... 

That's all people.
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