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Arguments by police crumble, Sreejith received critical injuries three days before death

Kerala Kaumudi 2018-04-14 11:09:48

KOCHI: The doctors who treated Sreejith, the youth who died in police custody in Varapuzha, have informed the investigation team that Sreejith received the fatal injuries that led to his death three days before he breathed his last.

With this, the police’s argument that Sreejith got injured in the clash that broke out on Friday has now crumbled.

Sreejith had sustained critical injuries to his intestine. The doctors have informed that Sreejith’s life was in danger if he did not receive immediate treatment. According to post-mortem report, Sreejith had received about 18 injuries. Also his small intestine was almost cut-off.

Meanwhile, reports pointing at the fact that Sreejith did receive injuries while he was in police custody are coming out.

The officers of the Rural Tiger Force have informed the investigation team that Sreejith had no injuries or was in a bad physical condition when they caught him and handed him over to the police.