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Social media helps trace man missing for 40 yrs

The Sangai Express 2018-04-16 12:00:00

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 15: A man who went missing 40 years back has been traced to Bandra police station of Mumbai through social media.
Even though the particular family is literally on cloud nine on finding their dear one, they are at a loss thinking about the expenses they would incur in going to Mumbai and bringing home the lost man.
Khomdram Gambhir Singh of Khumbong Mamang Leikai s/o late Kh Lakshman went missing since he left home about 40 years back. His younger brother Khomdram Kullachandra said that Gambhir may be around 70 years old now.
Speaking to The Sangai Express, Kullachandra said that his brother once served in 1st Bn Manipur Rifles as a Rifleman.
He left the job seven years later and took up agriculture. He suddenly left home around 40 years and his whereabouts could not be ascertained since then.
Kullachandra who is now 57 years old said that his brother left home when he was just 17 years old.
Just after marriage, Gambhir and his wife separated. Shortly after he left home and never came back.
Gambhir is the third of seven siblings (three daughters and four sons) born to their parents and he is the eldest among the sons.
“A few years, some people told us that they saw my brother at Delhi but his exact location could not be established”, Kullachandra said.
On learning that his long lost brother has been found at Bandra police station, Mumbai, emotions overwhelmed Kullachandra and he was literally crying with joy.
After Kullachandra’s family was informed about Gambhir’s location by local club volunteers and friends, Patsoi police station and Bandra police station communicated and it was confirmed that Gambhir is presently at Bandra police station.
Imphal West Students Club Khumbong secretary Atom Samarendra and Leichonbam Romen, a volunteer of the same club said that a few days back they heard from Aheibam Dinamani presently staying in Arunachal Pradesh about a video clip uploaded in YouTube of a Manipuri man loitering at Bandra Bazar Road, Mumbai.
The video clip uploaded by street photographer Firoz Sakir shows Gambhir singing an old Hindi film song. He also identified himself as one Gambhir from Imphal.
The video clip was uploaded on October 17, 2017. According to the comment given by Firoz Sakir in his video, the man used to sing old Hindi songs and beg on the streets and people often teased him as a Nepali.
Enraged by such teasings, the man denied that he is Nepali and clarified that he is an Indian from Manipur.
Firoz Sakir further commented that he uploaded the particular video clip as he felt pity for the particular man and hoped that his family might come across the same video clip.
After they came across the video clip, Samarendra and Romen shared the same clip in the WhatsApp group Khumbongi E-Pao.
Later it was confirmed that the particular man was Khomdram Gambhir.
Subsequently Bandra police station was contacted which was followed by due communication between police departments of the two States. Assuring that they would keep Gambhir at their station for a week, Bandra police asked the family of Gambhir to come and take him away within one week.
Gambhir’s younger sister Leishabi was also literally crying with joy in the hope she would see her elder brother once again after a gap of 40 long years.
But the family has been living hand to mouth and they are at a loss thinking about the expenses they have to incur in bringing back Gambhir.
It is said that two personnel of Patsoi police station must accompany the family when to go to bring back Gambhir from Mumbai.