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Priyanka Singhal Jain, Author at MomJunction

Momjunction 2018-05-15 11:06:38

Are you planning a trip or going on a vacation with your baby? Well, traveling with a baby surely is a difficult task. But it is not as bad as it actually sounds. All you need to do is mentally prepare yourself, plan ahead and have an idea of what to pack when traveling with […]

Do not worry about insane cravings you have between meals. These are pretty normal for expectant moms! 10 Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy: There is no need to fret. There are so many options of healthy snacks for pregnant women which will help you in maintaining the nutrition chart of the day and also give you […]

Image : Shutterstock Well, artificial sweeteners are compounds that are low calorie substitutes of sugar, offering a sweetness similar to that of sugar. They contain 30 to 8000 times higher sweetening effects than sugar. These are thus added to food in smaller quantity compared to table sugar, so as to render the same sweetness while […]

Are you worried the hormonal changes in your body may play havoc on your beauty? Well, these changes are natural. Every woman has a different hormonal cycle and so is their pregnancy. Pregnancy brings the natural glow in any women, that’s because of the joy and excitement one goes through. But if you have doubts […]