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Congress allege poaching of their MLAs by BJP!

Andhra Headlines 2018-05-15 23:44:29
Bengaluru: Karnataka people's mandate gives us the big question on who will form the government. BJP being single largest party should be given chance. Having said that from what the BJP did in Goa and Meghalaya, JD(S) with support from Congress will form the government in Karnataka that threw up a hung verdict in the state. 
JD(S) won 38 seats and Congress won 78 which makes the total tally to 116. BJP got 104 seats.
Meanwhile, Congress alleged that BJP is resorting to poaching of their MLAs. Congress criticised that BJP's ways of coming to power is a mockery of  in the face of democracy.
Congress further justified that in order to contain the arrogance of BJP; they are teaming up with JD(S). Congress sought chance from the Governor.