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Have you seen a mosquito that does not drink blood but drinks this thing, will not believe 2018-05-16 03:06:25

You will also hear and have seen that mosquitoes often drink only blood. But today we are going to tell you about the mosquito you are talking about. You've rarely seen this mosquito before. You will be surprised after learning about this mosquito. This is because this mosquito has no interest in drinking human blood.
Now the question that has come to your mind is, how is this mosquito that does not drink blood? At the same time, these questions should also be raised in your mind that if it does not drink blood, then what is the drink then finally what is the drink. So let us now answer these questions and tell you what is the world's peculiar mosquito.

Let's tell you about this mosquito that it looks like a typical mosquito in appearance. But its work is completely different from mosquitoes. Its job is to completely separate it from all the mosquito found in this whole world. This is exactly the opposite of mosquito breed. But still, it is counted in the same species. In fact, the mosquito likes to drink not only human blood but also the juice of flowers.

 This mosquito is very large in size and it does not like blood but loves floral juice. In fact, the mosquito's wings of the Holy Russia Mikado are so large that they spread to 11.15 centimeters that are 4.5 inches. About this mosquito, the curator of the Insect Museum of West China, Zhao said that it seems very scary to see the mosquito. But it does not work as it looks. That's because it does not need blood but it requires juice of flowers to drink.