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BMW Gets License To Test Self-Driving Cars In China

Autoportal 2018-05-16 17:11:23

With technology taking a leap, the automotive industry is ready to embrace the new advancements that are yet in developing stage. While connected technology is already popular in the west, India is slowly adapting the idea of vehicles that can interact with the outside world using internet. Similarly, autonomous technology is the next big thing and carmakers are working on self-driving cars to pioneer in this upcoming segment of vehicles. Among several companies that are developing self-driving cars, BMW has become the first carmaker to get the road test license in China. With this license, the German car giant can start testing self-driving cars in the country.

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According to media reports, the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology awarded two licenses for BMW’s 7 Series sedans. These licenses allow BMS to test self-driving cars on a stretch of 5.6km on the public road in Jiading District.BMW applied for the license to test the luxurious 7 Series sedans. According to reports, these cars have already been tested for a month for the AI-assisted self-driving and Internet-linked functions at the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Zone. The appraisal confirms that these models have achieved a 99% pass rate in the test.

China is the largest car market and one of the ideal markets globally to introduce self-driving vehicles. The country started issuing permits early this year in March. The local-state-owned automaker SAIC and Chinese electric vehicle start-up NIO already logged 6,000 km of driving and thankfully no incidents have been reported yet, as informed by the commission. BMW has deployed a team of 60 professionals that are based in Shanghai and currently involved in developing the self-driving technology for the German car giant.