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York teacher sacked for showing film Halloween wins £600k in damages

News Summed Up 2018-05-15 05:30:00

A teacher sacked after showing the horror film Halloween to a class of teenagers should get more than £600,000 compensation for disability discrimination, top judges have ruled. Philip Grosset was praised for his work as head of English at the Joseph Rowntree School in York, despite his suffering from cystic fibrosis. Mr Grosset accepted showing the film was a mistake but said he was under huge pressure at the timeAfter school bosses found out about the Halloween incident, he 'accepted that showing the film was inappropriate' and an error of judgment. The school's English teaching was 'in disarray' when Mr Grosset joined, said the judge, but the teacher 'succeeded in turning round the fortunes of the department.' But Mr Grosset said that he was subjected to an ever-increasing workload and 'could not cope'.