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Kerala Cabinet ratifies Labour Policy

webindia123 2018-05-16 00:00:00
Kerala Cabinet on Wednesday ratified the State Labour Policy. While the new policy will herald a labour friendly environment, it will also outlaw many undesirable tendencies prevalent in the labour sector. The policy is aimed at improving the relation between employers and labour.

The scope of welfare provided to headload workers will be increased. A separate labour bank will be constituted for the domestic workers. It will end the practice of demanding wages for work not done. The new policy also deters impromptu strikes.

The enforcement wing of Labour department will ensure that the working standards of those employed in shops and other trading sectors are protected. Enforcing decent compensation for the working women is a priority.

Cabinet also approved the draft policy for amending the Kerala Sports Act (2000). It will restrict the term of presidents and vice-presidents of state sports council to a maximum of 10 years. It will also bring an age-limit of 70 years for memberships in sports councils.

Cabinet approved a draft policy that advocates stronger measures against violence against Government Employees and their families. It will also impose stringent punishment for the offences of destroying offices and other assets of Political parties and registered institutions.

Cabinet approved the recommendations and suggestions in the plea to the 15th finance commission. The recommendations of the Fifteenth Finance Commission raise many concerns for the State.

The decision to do away with the revenue deficit grants to states must be re-examined. The decision to change the base year of population from 1971 to 2011 for calculating the tax devolution will adversely affect the State.

The share of States in the net proceeds of the Central Taxes must be raised to 50 percent from the current share of 42 percent. The Government is committed to peg its fiscal deficit at 3 percent of the gross state domestic product. The recommendation to lower it to 1.7 percent will harm the State.

The Cabinet gave approval for taking Rs 4000 crore in loans through KURDC for the LIFE mission, the comprehensive housing scheme. Seventeen posts were created for the Aardram mission. Another 24 posts were created for Palakkad Government Medical College.

Scheduled tribes candidates appointed through special recruitment will be exempted from the need for bonds and guarantors. Presently, the law demands a sum of Rs 25000 in security and 2 public servants as guarantors, which have been waived.

The lives of 5 individuals have been lost while they were involved in the cleaning of manhole and septic tank. The Cabinet has decided to give a compensation to their families Rs 10 lakhs each.

The Cabinet also decided to recommend the State Governor to summon a session of the State legislature starting on June 4.


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