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Mango gets a makeover

The Tribune 2018-05-17 01:17:14
The one thing that makes soaring temperature bearable is the god-sent mango. This summer, Chandigarh Baking Company at JW Marriott- Chandigarh is offering its patrons a heavenly opportunity to get a ‘mango high’ by serving choicest of delectable international delicacies exquisitely prepared with a ‘mango twist’. To make this happen, Chef Manjul Myne, has taken the native Indian mango on a culinary trip across countries such as USA, Italy, France, Denmark, England and come back so that it is ready to be served in an international avatar. Conjuring up magic in his kitchens, Chef Manjul Myne is back with ‘Season 2’ of Mango May–nia, a festival celebrating the magic of mangoes. Be it a French Parfait, an Italian Tiramisu or a Danish Pastry, Mango May-nia will be adding a touch of Indian mango varieties to these famous desserts and turning them into sumptuous dishes like the Mango and Maple Parfait or a Mangomisu. The Mango and Saffron Tart, a signature dish of the festival, adds the bitterness of raw mangoes to the French tarts in the gelled form. Mangomisu, a mango-fied version of the Italian dessert Tiramisu, uses mango-infused Rum as one of the key ingredients. “The guests at Mango May-nia will be introduced to ways of relishing mangoes which they could never have imagined,” says Myne. On till May 31 —TNS

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