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13 Products That Help Your Vagina Feel Stronger, Fresher, and Healthier

Pop Sugar 2018-06-10 04:30:55

More than ever it seems women are talking about their vaginas, pelvic floor muscles, and vulvas. What once felt deeply embarrassing and taboo is now empowering — and needed! Beyond being a beautiful part of our bodies, vaginas are also important when it comes to our health. Sometimes it gets funky down there, especially during workouts. Or maybe you're one of thousands of women who have a hard time holding it when you have to go (a little leakage during jumping jacks is a real thing!); strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help. Or heck, maybe you just want to give some extratender loving care to your lady parts or are looking to up the pleasure of an orgasm. Whatever it is, there's a product here to give your vagina the attention it deserves.

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