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2C Audio Video and Automation Announces Its Simplest Control System Yet, Singular Simplicity™

prweb 2018-06-11 00:00:00

2C and Control4 Home TV Interface

Very stable platform. It has excellent performance and control and the system is easy to use

FORT WORTH, Texas (PRWEB) June 11, 2018

2C Audio Video and Automation an US based audio video, home theater, lighting control, and home automation company introduces its simplest to use smart home interface ever, Singular Simplicity™. 2C has worked with automation company, Control4, to develop a method of incorporating multiple smart devices into a single, easy to use platform. This system can bring smart thermostats, audio video equipment, smart door locks, garage doors, security systems, cameras, and intercom systems into one app or on-screen interface for a starting price of only $700.00. President Robert Owens says, “This system drastically reduces the complexity of using multiple apps for multiple smart devices. We make everything work on one app with the same interface on TV screens, smart phones, and on touchscreens.”

CEO Josh Allison says, “I am ecstatic with the way our clients can use their home theaters, lighting, and all other smart home automation devices. Service calls are almost a thing of the past since introducing our Singular Simplicity™ system.”
Mr. Blau, a Singular Simplicity™ beta tester, says it is a “Very stable platform. It has excellent performance and control and the system is easy to use.” Blau received lighting control, HVAC control, alarm control, security cameras, home theater, distributed audio, and voice control using Alexa.

Owens added, “Our Singular Simplicity™ systems start at only $700 and go up from there to over $1m. We love the concept of adding smart devices to our clients’ homes over time. This month we may upgrade their garage controls, next month we may add cameras or tie in to their security panel.”

  • Low entry level price point
  • Extremely reliable and consistent
  • Same interface in your home theater and in your phone
  • Constantly upgradeable
  • 2C provides a controller buyback for upgrading to the largest systems possible

2C is founded by one of the A/V industry’s top 100 rated CEO’s, Owens, and a former architect who brings out of the box design and capabilities to each project, Allison.

The Singular Simplicity System™ uses an on-screen interface for its home theater and surround sound control. The on-screen interface and apps allows the user to control all things in their smart home from door locks to thermostats.
2C was also concerned about the security risk of watching movies in dedicated theater rooms so they developed a monitoring system that notifies those in the media room of security breaches within their home. This alert system ranges from flashing a light in the media room if the doorbell rings to turning on all the lights if an entry barrier is breached, eliminating the fear of not hearing an intruder while enjoying a movie. For further information contact 2C directly at 817-380-8393, email at [email protected] or visit our website