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ONLINE READERS' COMMENT: North-South Highway naming pushback is silly politics at best

Jamaica Observer 2018-06-11 19:27:11

It is with consternation that I note a trend among some sympathisers of the PNP constantly trying to take credit for things they know nothing about, did not design, build or rescue when about to fail.

The St Catherine Municipal Cooperation is the latest group infected and trying eagerly to bestow a naming title without any apparent knowledge or memory of how the North-South Highway got to completion.

For the benefit of the St Catherine MC and others here, this is a reminder, quoted from the Observer newspaper dated Thursday, August 7, 2014 "Henry: JLP agreement with CHEC saved North-South link".

In 2010 the work had stopped on the NS Highway when French company Bouygues stated that they will have to redesign the plan due to topographical problems encountered at the Mount Rosser leg. The cost to reroute the design of the highway was stated as a whopping US $70 million. It was then Minister of Transport Mike Henry who intervened got CHEC to take over the project and complete it using money he sourced from the Chinese ExIM Bank. Tell me, where in that activity or transaction is any mention made of the PNP?

The truth is the NS Highway was stopped under the PNP and its completion by CHEC was a job solely undertaken by Mike Henry. So if the PNP is having a problem with it being named in honour of Edward Seaga, how did they all pass over Mike Henry's name to reach to Portia? Have you no shame? The records and newscasts are there to substantiate my points, just to throw this in too, it was Mike Henry and CHEC again who collaborated and redesigned the Palisadoes road to the airport, just in case at a later date the PNP tries to steal ownership of that too.

Clearly, living in a fantasy world unto themselves, the PNP and their surrogates constantly distant themselves from their own utterances and actions, even when caught on camera and it is impossible to so do.

1. The newly constructed Harbour View Bridge that washed away after the next downpour as warned by an old man
2. Finsac, businesses and lives wrecked due to failed interest rate policies
4. Trafigura — they admitted to getting the $31 million 'chicken feed' yet are hiding from explaining it in open court
5. Them saying no in 2010 to extending the state of emergency which has led to our current crimewave, threatening to do the same now with the SOE in 2018, then flipping the birds in Parliament then trying to joke it off or rationalise the act.

Isn't honesty still the best policy? I guess it isn't for the PNP!

Finally in my researched yet humbled view, that if one should join the impact of work done by all three PNP prime ministers for Jamaica, it still would not add up to or surpass what Edward Seaga alone has done for Jamaica.

Just look and think about what UDC, JAMPRO, JCDC, the Stock Market and HEART NTA has done. Like him or not, facts are facts. Opinions are facts for those who can afford to be comforted by lies. It is obvious that there is a strong bias against Mr Seaga but it is clear that the argument about the NS Highway not to be named after him has no sound footing.

Give the man his due, Hurricane Gilbert destroyed Jamaica in September 1988, check the media for how quickly the country was restored and rebounded under Mr Seaga's leadership. I'll be watching keenly to see whose names the PNP will be trying to tag on all the major newly designed and rebuilt roads that has begun since Andrew Holness became PM in 2016. Namely, Mandela Highway, Barbican Road, Constant Spring and Hagley Park Road.

Before trying to deceive, be warned this is the age of the internet, information is easy to come by.

I am etc,
Joseph Edwards