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Govt schools in Guntur yet to receive books, uniform

Hans India 2018-06-12 01:59:45
Govt schools in Guntur yet to receive books, uniform
Guntur: The government schools across the state will be reopened on Tuesday after the summer vacation.  Education officials claimed that they have done all preparation for the academic session 2018-19, however, the government aided, residential, municipal and Panchayat Raj schools said that they have not received textbooks and uniform so far.
There are 3,013 primary, 813 upper primary and 1046 high schools in the district where around 6.49 lakh students have been studying.
According to one estimate, about 29 per cent of the school age students are not going to schools due to poverty and family problems. Though government is providing free uniform, textbooks, education in the government schools, many parents are not sending their children for studies.
The government has already issued a GO stating that the schools in which student strength is less than 30, the schools will be merged in the nearest schools and will be developed as model schools. There are 97,675 students in the 21,197 primary schools in the district. 
The government has a proposal to set up 566 model schools with the same students strength in the school. Five teachers will be adjusted to each primary school in the district. If this proposal will translate into action, as many as 3,217 teachers will have no work in the district.
District Education Officer RS Ganga Bhavani informed that they would conduct Badi Bata week from June 12 and admit the school-age children. She said the teachers would explain significance and advantages of education to parents and motivate them to admit their kids to the schools. 
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