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Sri Reddy's Real Intentions Exposed!

Great Andhra 2018-06-12 00:00:00

Sri Reddy, the controversial actress, has now lost all the sympathy she gained earlier.

Moreover in her tussle with Nani, it is evident that she is making all these allegations after it became clear to her that she is not going to be part of “Bigg Boss”. Her intentions were clearly exposed.

Many doubted Nani when she was making all sort of allegations, but after he filed legal case against her, he got an edge.

Her filthy statements made it clear that she is not behaving like a victim, but like a blackmailer.

Furthermore, her constant jibes at Pawan Kalyan when he is criticizing TDP have also exposed that she is planted by TDP bosses to defame him.

In Sri Reddy’s lexicon, Nandamuri Balakrishna is synonym of greatness and Pawan Kalyan for selfishness.

She is not even tolerating if anyone is trolling Nara Lokesh. Sri Reddy has exposed herself who she is and who is backing her.