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Periods problem can sloved by chocolates!!

Jeevi HEALTH 2018-06-12 17:14:47

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1.It is customary to regain body fatigue during menstrual periods. Furthermore, the problems of bary mentral syndrome includes tension, palpitations, headache, hand and foot wave. Apart from vomiting and digestive disorders, there are many health problems that can cause women to suffer.

You can view this photo gallery on things that you must follow in menstrual times.

2. Drink lots of water:

Considering the use of toilet during the pulpricreates is an annoying subject and avoids drinking water in those days. However, as much as drinking water, the stomach decreases. You can drink jugs in response to water.

3.Add calcium food:

In those days, when the legs are pulled, the grams are painful and there will be more pain in the stomach. So eat calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, bell pepper and almonds. Additionally, if you add some greens, these problems will gradually be cured.

4.Eat chocolate:

The Acetazone is essential for the brain to be happy and tension. So eat tense, menstrual and chocolate.

5. Do not have too much fat:

High-fat butter, cream-like foods will stimulate estrogen hormone of women. In the menstrual period, it is possible to have high blood pressure.

6.Add fiber:

Many people do not eat because of the digestive problem during menstrual periods. So you will feel free to add pea, wheat, red beans, avocado, guava, broccoli, etc.


Vitamin B6 corrects hormone problems in our body, improves immunity, reduces 'prine mental syndrome'. Vitamin D strengthens the bones. Most importantly, be sure to have a lot of vitamins nourished before menstruation, including nuts, nuts, bananas, fish, watermelon, and spinach. These vitamins require a painless menstrual period. Do not stress yourself too much. Be happy always.