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OMG! Place in India where mother shares her husband with daughter

Aaj Ki Khabar 2018-06-12 15:55:19
There are many different wedding customs and rituals in different countries. Around the world, there are lots of rituals and customs that you might not know about. Some are confusing, some are weird while some are funny. But, no matter how weird or illogical these customs are, they always bind us with joy and give us a feeling of togetherness. India is not the only county where you will find these weird rituals but many other countries have these kinds of customs and rituals. Today we will be revealing one custom of Bangladesh that might shock you.

There is a Mandi tribe in Bangladesh where daughters marry their own father. They dream of marrying their father since childhood. This tradition is followed by all the people of that tribe.

One of the girl of Mandi Tribe, Aurolas revealed that she was very young when her father died. After this, her mother married someone else and since then she started seeing her second father as her husband.  She has now three children from her husband wheras her mother has two children.

You will be shock to know that if a woman’s husband dies at an early age then that woman has to marry someone else from her husband’s family. It could be husband’s brother, nephew or anyone.

People of Mandi tribe believe that husband with lesser life can protect both new wife and daughter. Nearly two million people live in Mandi tribe of Bangladesh and people of that community are known as ‘Garo’.