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Gzb civic body brutalised monkeys in garb of relocating, kept in cages

Pioneer 2018-06-13 00:00:00

10 Jun 2018 | AP | Caracas

The European Union will spend more than $40 million to help Venezuelans suffering through a deepening humanitarian crisis even as the country’s leaders have steadfastly denied it needs any foreign assistance. Most of the money will provide health care, food and clean water to vulnerable Venezuelans living inside and outside of the country, European Commission officials said on Thursday...

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13 Jun 2018 | PNS | JHARSUGUDA

With transport and traffic police personnel choosing to look the other way, overloaded mini buses, trekkers and auto-rickshaws go unchecked, especially in rural areas, and accidents are on the rise in the district. According to district police, as many as 84 people lost their lives and 72 received grevious injuries in a total 278 road accidents occurred in 2017 while 66 persons were killed and 68 injured in 147 accidents reported...

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