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7-point demand of Bidi Workers Federation

The New Nation 2018-06-13 00:00:00

Business Desk :
Bangladesh Bidi workers Federation leaders announce seven demand at a press conference on Tuesday. Workers' wages, health protection and declaration of bidi as cottage industry are among them.
The organization's president Amin Uddin BSC said, 'In the proposed budget, Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has increased the 26pc tax on the filter bidis. But in a meeting with Bidi industrialists on May 20, he said, he will not impose any tax on the Bidi.'
The President of the organization said that the National Board of Revenue has delayed a week to implement Prime Minister order of not increase the duty on Bidi. In whose interest they are doing it? Is it the interest of multinational companies?
Amin Uddin said that due to the budget of the last fiscal year 2017-18, the decision of setting 18 percent more tax than India on bidi industry is irrational. It causes the disturbance among bidi workers across the country. From then on, our long continuous movement received a lot of publicity through your writing and the matter came to the attention of Honorable Prime Minister.
He complained, "The cost of multinational companies cigarettes did not increase. The Benson Cigarette of higher socity is still in the same rate. On the other hand, the finance minister has set the time to close Bidi industrial sector within 2030 and he has given time to stop cigarette industry till 2040! Despite having two similar products, the finance minister behaved biased towards the cigarette. It is very sad.