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Why is Anushka going on pilgrimage ?

Vankaya 2018-06-13 23:35:35

Anushka has not been signing any film after Bhagamathie. And she has of late been going on pilgrimages and has been offering special prayers at various temples including the celebrated Char Dham.

The fans are connecting the dots and are claiming that she and her parents are doing all this only for her marriage. They argue that Anushka hasn’t been signing films only to get married.

Meanwhile, there has always been a buzz that Anushka and Prabhas might enter the wedlock. Though both have hotly denied this, the buzz refuses to die. Are all these pilgrimages and poojas meant for Prabhas-Anushka marriage? Did Anushka’s parents plan to propitiate the God so that reel life hit Jodi will be real life hit Jodi too? Well!! We thing we should wait for some more time to know who is Anushka’s Mr Perfect.