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Sewage overflow troubles residents

The Tribune 2018-06-14 01:58:00

A road flooded with sewage at MS Enclave in Zirakpur on Wednesday. TRIBUNE PHOTO: NITIN MITTAL

The road leading towards MS Enclave, Dhakoli, here, has turned into a pool of dirty water due to overflowing sewage. The stink has left local shopkeepers complaining that their business had been hit as customers avoid taking the route due to the accumulation of the sewage water on the road. The overflowing sewage is turning out to be a major problem for around 65 shopkeepers as well as small traders in the market. They alleged that they were losing their businesses due to the overflow of sewage water from the treatment plant in Panchkula to the market and they had been unable to open their establishments. Besides, the intolerable stench of sewage has made the life of local residents miserable. The sewer lines passing through the area are a cause of worry here as it has a tendency of frequently overflowing after getting choked. The residents and shopkeepers want the civic body to replace the old sewerage pipes that generally remains choked here. Though the Zirakpur MC employees have come to resolve the sewage overflow issue here on Tuesday, they failed to provide much relief as the process of cleaning the sewerage pipes is still on. Meanwhile, the residents are made to pass through filthy sewage water to reach their shops and other destinations. “Now, most customers avoid visiting our shops. As a result, shopkeepers are facing huge losses in their businesses. The insanitary conditions in our area are an open invitation to diseases,” said Varun, a shopkeeper. Expressing anger over the official apathy, traders said they would have to relocate if the situation fails to improve. The shopkeepers had alleged that despite repeated complaints to the MC, no steps had been taken and now, the MC has sent its employees to sort out the issue. Rajiv Kumar, owner of a fast food unit, rued: “The filth on the stretch has made life miserable for everyone passing through the road. He rued that for the past couple of days, not even a single customer visited his shop, incurring losses to him.” Devinder Singh Brar, area councillor, said the problem got sorted out on Tuesday but due to the piling up of garbage and other waste, the sewer lines got choked. He said a trolley full of trash was removed from the sewer lines on Tuesday. Manvir Singh Gill, executive officer, Zirakpur MC, said the staff was already engaged in the process of cleaning the sewer lines, adding that plans were being chalked out to find a solution to the problem.
NK Sharma, local MLA, on Wednesday met the JE and XEN of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) and apprised them of the problem of overflowing sewage being faced by residents at MS Enclave, Dhakoli. Sharma said HUDA needs to find out a permanent solution to the perennial problem as the pipes laid in the Dhakoli area were small and could not hold the entire water released by the sewerage treatment plant. Sharma rued that what complicates the issue further was that the sewerage network of the HUDA does not match with the internal sewage system laid by the MC staff in most of the area in Dhakoli. The MLA also pointed out that garbage, plastic bags and discarded materials pile up in these sewer lines and ultimately flow through the small sewer pipes laid at Dhakoli, resulting in choking of these lanes. Meanwhile, the HUDA officials had assured the MLA that the problem would be redressed soon. Residents block road in protest Irked over the overflow of sewerage at the entrance of the MS Enclave for the past three days, local residents and shopkeepers here on Wednesday evening staged a protest by blocking the Dhakoli-Ambala road for over an hour, causing inconvenience to commuters. The residents demanded a permanent solution to the problem. Residents rued that the accumulated sewer water in front of their houses and shops was posing threat to their health and they did not have a choice but to use the road inundated with sewage water. Shopkeepers too complained that their business had been hit and the area had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Commuters faced hardships due to the protest. Meanwhile, Manvir Singh Gill, Executive Officer, Zirakpur, along with other officials, reached the spot and faced the wrath of the protesters. Later, the residents called off their protest after the assurance from Municipal Council officials that the problem would be redressed sonn. Gill said: “He will take up the issue with Haryana officials on Thursday, seeking an immediate solution.”

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