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5 most controversial kisses of your favorite Bollywood stars!

समाचार 365 2018-07-09 21:39:09

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Friends here are five most controversial kisses of your favorite Bollywood stars. In real life, few Bollywood stars have been noticed kissing each other publicly. 


1.Hrithik- Rekha


Friends are you aware that veteran actress Rekha likes Hrithik Roshan very much ? On various occasions she has even praised  Hrithik as an actor and as a person . A few years back, a controversial picture went viral on the internet in which Rekha is kissing Hrithik on his chin.

2. Karan- Bipasha


Friends second the list is Bipasha & karan . As we know that Bipasha Basu celebrated her birthday on January 7. To make this birthday a memorable event  her husband Karan Grover threw a party. During that party, he kissed Bipasha publicly.


3. Amitabh- Jaya

The  third entry  on the list is of the Amitabh & Jaya. Le us tell you that he openly kissed his wife Jaya Bachchan during an award show. This picture went viral & made headlines.


4. Mika- Rakhi

This is one of the shocking incident . Almost 10 years ago, Bollywood's famous singer Mika Singh forcibly kissed Rakhi Swant on his birthday party. Later Rakhi  filed a complaint against him. Moreover, this incident has got lot of focus in media. This issue kept on the news for many days.


5. Richard Gere- Shilpa

Last one the entry .During an event on AIDS awareness , Hollywood actor Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty were sharing the stage in the event . This event was held in the state of Rajasthan.

During the event, Richard forcibly kissed Shilpa on her cheeks. This incident has also created much controversy.It kept on the media headlines for many days. Even Shilpa has to come forward to explain her view point.