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30+ home decor pieces to covet during the monsoon

Architectural digest 2018-07-10 00:53:06
30 home decor items to give your home a classy makeover during the monsoon

30 home decor items to give your home a classy makeover during the monsoon

Want to indulge in a bit of monsoon home decor therapy? We know the rains have played dampener and you have been cooped up at home! Well, make use of the time spent at home by looking at our home decor trends series, for inspiring looks and moodboards for your home makeover. There’s no better time to give your home a fun, warm and colourful makeover than during the monsoon. not only puts together decor collections for occasions like Diwali, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day, we have put on our design thinker’s hats to curate season-friendly home decor collections. Think the best furniture, crockery and soft fabric picks from the best luxury home decor brands across the country for a monsoon-inspired makeover.

The Monsoon Home Decor Collection

Work your living room, bedroom and dining room with curated pieces from‘s home decor collection. Brands like Essential Environments, IOTA, OKHA, Studio Avni, Dash Square, Aster Cucine, Beyond Designs, Cane Boutique, Visionnaire—to name a few—make their appearance. These home decor brands have launched refined, contemporary decor pieces in bold silhouettes and earthy shades—a palette that’s fit for the rainy season. Bring shades of black to your living room, but make it pop with shades of the sunset. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do too much, opt for crockery, cushion throws and rugs in interesting colours and vibrant prints to bring that hint of difference in your home decor.

The Monsoon Home Decor Gallery

Scroll through s gallery of season-themed products, and make one or more picks for your home makeover. The curated line-up will also make for meaningful, sophisticated gifts. Happy shopping!


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