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Sunil Shetty said about the cancer victim Sonali, such a thing, millions of people crazy

KGNNEWS 2018-07-11 21:59:16

A tragic news has emerged a few days ago for the Bollywood industry. Sonali Bendre, one of the beautiful actresses of the 90s, is suffering from cancer like cancer these days. It is a bad news. It has not happened once Before any Bollywood star had to be suffering from cancer, there are many stars before that have passed through this condition and have overcome the cancer too, Yuvraj Singh and Manisha Koiral Includes stars like l while Sonali Bendre in the face of this adversity is too sad l is therefore quite unhappy with their fans l

Sonali Bendre told on her Instagram account that she is currently battling fourth level cancer and she is about to go to New York for a short time. In response to this news, Bollywood has come in full shock, with its beautiful eyes But the reigning Sonali Bendre is going through a very delicate situation these days, due to which many Bollywood stars have told him such things, Ile l

Bollywood superstar Sunil Shetty also said that, "Sonali needs strength now and at the same time she prayed for Sonali Bendre and told that Sonali Bendre thing is going through a bad time at the same time as her family is also quite It is sad, I pray to God that the trouble that has come to Sonali Bendre should be quickly overcome. Let me tell you for the information that the days in India due to cancer have taken many lives. Deaths of people

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