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WhatsApp update: Android users to get faster media uploads now

Fadu News 2018-07-11 21:00:00

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out yet another new feature to its Android and iOS users. The new feature- 'Predictive Uploads' will predict media files for you that you probably want to send. The concept of the Predictive Uploads goes like this- the app will start uploading an image to the server right after you selecting it on the media selection screen. This will result in faster media upload time and will be very helpful when there’s a slow internet connection at the user’s end, stated Telecom Talk.

WhatsApp will just upload the image for the user to the server and that will be sent to the other users only if you hit the send button. The previous photo will be automatically deleted if the user makes any changes to the phone like editing. This ensures the unedited photos to upload faster.

The report also states that when users select the images to send to the recipient, the app doesn’t start pushing the image to the receiver immediately. Instead, the images are sent only to the WhatsApp server first, from where they are forwarded to the receiver only after the sender taps on the ‘Send’ button.

Watch this Zee Business video here:

The Predicted Upload feature has only been rolled out to iOS (v2.18.61) and Android (v2.18.156). The Android users, however, have to wait a little longer to receive this update in their phones.