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Indian Security Agencies arrested the Afghani Terrorists who wants to destroy Country’s Capital

News Crab 2018-07-12 09:41:48
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Indian security agencies have achieved a major success and have spoiled the conspiracy of suicide attack terrorist ISI in the capital of country Delhi. Under this large counter intelligence operation, security agencies have spoiled a conspiracy to inflict terror on Delhi by infiltrating the ISS Afghan network of suicide bombers.

According to the news, Indian agencies arrested in this case on September 2017, although the top diplomatic sources have now confirmed it.

According to sources, this IS terrorist was staying in Lajpatnagar area as a student of engineering college in Delhi. After his arrest, he was sent to Afghanistan. It is being told that he is currently imprisoned in the US military base in Afghanistan. The IS terrorist was so strong that on the basis of information obtained during the interrogation, the US Army has achieved many major successes against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to sources, it has been revealed that this group of 12 IS terrorists was going to state bomb in several places like Afghanistan, Dubai after trained in Pakistan. The Afghani terrorist who was sent to India is about 20 years old and he is the son of a rich businessman.

The terrorist was keeping an eye on the important places of Delhi like Delhi Airport, Ansal Plaza Mall, and Vasant Kunj Mall for the attack. And he was working according to instructions he was receiving from Afghanistan handlers. Its arrest took place when an intruder from the Indian security agencies got its faith by making the explosive available without triggering it.

According to the enquiries Indian Counter Intelligence experts, as well as US agencies, have also interrogated him. According to the information provided, the US military has destroyed many Taliban bases of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is said that the kind of explosives was used in Manchester, some similarly conspiracy to terrorize Delhi through planned explosives. According to the report, there is also information that there was a suspicious transaction of $ 500,000 was done by terrorists from Dubai to Afghanistan.

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