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Don't do these 4 mistakes while sleeping otherwise you have to face these harmful diseases

BollyHitz 2018-08-05 00:43:24

According to science a person must take 6-8 hours nap daily to stay fit and mentally healthy. But most of the people do not know the correct posture of sleep. They sleep with wrong postures and then face lots of problems. Today, we will tell you about four mistakes you should avoid while sleeping at night. Read till end.

1. Good sleeping posture results in good nap and comfortable sleep. Most of the people sleep along belly or backside, but they don't know while sleeping in this posture may cause headache and migraine. Sleeping alone sides is good for a comfortable sleep. 2. After eating the food you should always lie on the left side in the night. The food digest gradually and the body temperature is also controlled. If you sleep on the right side, your food gets digest quickly and it may cause problems. 3. You should never sleep on the stomach at night. Doing so may lead to health-related illnesses. Research has found that sleeping on the stomach is harmful to health. Also it may lead to migrane becayse of wrong posture of your neck in this posture. 4. People who sleep bending their knees at night, they have problems of joint pain and also damage your knee caps. At night you can sleep by putting a pillow in between your legs.

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