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4 major mistakes while sleeping!!

Thathuvam 2018-08-05 18:01:06

Hello guys, welcome back to our channel.

1. If you have a pillow and sleep on the night of your sleeping condition, your bone is affected. You have to sleep on the correct side or sleep on the left side of sleep.

2. After eating food, the night sleep should be always on the left side. Food is gradually digested, and body temperature is controlled. If you sleep in the right sleep, your food is quickly drained, and it will damage you.

3. You should not sleep in the stomach at night. Doing so will lead to health-related illnesses. Toxicity in the stomach is harmful to health.

4. People who are sleeping in the knees during the night are suffering from joint pain and are damaging your health. At night, you can sleep on a pillow between your legs.