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My 12-week body transformation: how I got lean at a green gym

Fadu News 2018-08-09 22:14:00


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Lying in the pink glow of the halogen lights, I felt Georgina roll a 6kg medicine ball heavily over my bum and I let out deep, agonised sigh. This was the most relaxing moment of the morning so far – and it still hurt like hell. I was starting to wonder if anything in my new life didn't involve considerable amounts of pain.

Two weeks earlier, I'd started a three-month body transformation programme at Terra Hale, London’s first environmentally friendly gym. Under the watchful eye of Michal Homola, the gyms founder and a former professional snowboarder, I was put through a series of revealing tests: my height, weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI and mobility were all measured and noted down; and,...

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