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C'mon, Apple! It's time to catch up to Samsung!

iMore 2018-08-11 00:16:06

Originally Posted by Rob Phillips

At the end of the day functionality is most important to me.

And that would be a good reason for


to stick with the rectangular display, not Apple. Just as Apple offers a myriad of Watch bands they


offer one round Watch, and some elegant Watch faces.

There are times and occasions where I don't need maximum input saturation, and would instead appreciate some form over function. It wouldn't be a first for Apple. Choice is all I'm sayin'.

Originally Posted by Rob Phillips

From a functionality standpoint I haven’t used a smart watch that does quite as well as the Apple Watch.

I don't understand the either or mentality. 'There can be only one'. That's just ridiculous. Chevrolet makes the Suburban and the Corvette. A buyer has a choice.

There is no doubt in my mind that if Apple made a round Watch it would sell well. My guess is Apple doesn't want to be seen as 'me too'. A round Watch doesn't have to be every bit as efficient as a rectangular Watch.

Almost every Apple product makes a compromise in choice compared to the competition, as to form and function. Sometimes some manufacturers follow suit, sometimes they don't.

Originally Posted by


we may be in the minority who like our watch to look like a watch and not a smart device on our arm. I love my Apple Watch but at times I wish it looked more like a traditional round watch with a nice analog watch face.

Sister, you are indeed preaching to the choir along with everything else you said! Looks like just you and me against the world!

I use the Simple face a lot, because it


really nice. Another nice face would be a


Simple face that actually compliments the Watch's current shape, without paying the big $$.

I won't give up hope!