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Maruti Suzuki will start testing of 50 electric cars from next month!

Kolhales12 2018-09-08 20:28:27

Maruti Suzuki has covered the prototype of its electric car. The company introduced it to the Move Summit in New Delhi. However, the company has not yet mentioned the name of its model but it looks like the Japanese WagonR to appear. It is expected that its production model will be almost the same.

The company will launch its first electric vehicle in India in 2020. Earlier, the company had earlier announced the introduction of a battery plant in India. From 2020, the production of lithium-ion batteries will start in this plant.

The company will run its electric vehicle program in India with Toyota Motor Corporation in India. Maruti Suzuki has started a vehicle sharing joint venture with Toyota. Explain that the Central Government is also encouraging electric vehicles. Several other auto companies, including Suzuki, are in the process of getting electric cars.

Speaking at a program organized by the Policy Commission, Suzuki Motor Company Chairman Osamu Suzuki said, "We have planned to launch an electric vehicle in India in association with Toyota in 2020. I am happy to announce that Indian Traffic And according to the quantitative condition, next month 50 electric vehicle prototypes are starting road running tests."

Maruti Suzuki is using the 2018 Wagon R for the test of electric cars. It is believed that in 2020, the company's first electric vehicle WagonR will be. Now Suzuki has no full electric car in Japan. Although in Japan, the company is selling many hybrid models.

The company had announced the launch of All Electric Swift sometime ago. Swift has got great success in India. In addition to the growing market of electric cars, the company can bring it to India.