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Fashion Designer Sabyasachi's shocking disclosure, says "I am obsessed with boobs"

News Track 2018-09-09 11:06:00

Who does not know the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee? Viruska was dressed with Sabyasachi on their wedding dresses. Not only this, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt have also been wearing sanyasaki designers for a long time. In addition to his work, Sabyasachi has become a victim of contrusion due to his unscrupulous statements. In such a situation, Sabyasachi has again become headlined due to his statement.

During the interview with the Architectural Digest, Sabyasachi said, "In fashion, you have to present yourself in a new way every three to five years. You need to be fresh. Right now, I'm tired of working with thin models of small faces and stick like figure. I'm crazy about Boobs. "

Many feminist communities have flared up on this controversial statement of Sabysachi. Not only that, people have also criticised Sabyasachi for this on Twitter. Before this, Sabyasachi had come to the discussion because of his statement. Sabyasachi Mukherjee had said during an event that, "If you tell me that you do not know how to wear saris, then I will say that you should be ashamed of yourself. This is part of your culture, you should stand for it. "

After this statement, people started trolling with Sabyasachi for his thinking and sari's expensive price. Well, we would like to say that Sabyasachi should give his statement a thought before speaking in public.