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Actresses have a long way to go: Samantha

Deccan Chronicle 2018-09-12 02:33:00

Husband-wife duo Samantha and Naga Chaitanya never thought that both their films would release on the same date. But this Vinayaka Chavithi will see them competing with one another at the box-office with Sam’s Tamil film also releasing at the same time.

“I never thought this will happen, but there is no other option. My film U Turn is releasing in both Telugu and Tamil. Moreover, my mama’s (Nagarjuna) film is also releasing on September 27, so I thought a one week gap would be good, but destiny has something else in store. Let’s see how it goes,” says Samantha, adding that it’s a very big day for her.  


Although both have been busy promoting their films, the home situation is cool. “I don’t know what people are thinking outside, but at home we are calm and positive about our films. Both the genres are different, so that makes a lot of difference,” she explains.

On asked why she chose a remake that has already appeared on Hotstar, the actress says, “That’s why we changed the last thirty minutes of the remake. I always wanted to work with director Pawan, so when he made this Kannada hit, I decided to do the remake.

Samantha admits that she is under a bit of pressure because there is no lead actor in the film. “I feel responsible to bring in the crowds. So I am taking some extra time for the promotions,” she adds.

The actress recently released a promotional song in which her dance went viral. “Till now, I didn’t get a chance to prove my dance skills, but I used to dance a lot in school and this song brought back those memories,” she says. Samantha adds that she now understands why top actors are always under pressure.

“I now realise how difficult it is to bring in the openings. Their budgets are nearly Rs 50 to Rs 60 crore and the pressure is tremendous. If an actress’ film flops, nothing happens, but if a big actor’s film flops, a lot of money goes down the drain. Actresses have a long way to go before they start demanding things,” says Samantha, who has proved that an actress can be successful even after marriage.

However, she quickly adds, “Only when I continue to have hits over the next one year will I believe that an actress can be successful after marriage.”

Samantha is also working to support good films and other actresses. “I believe that we are not against each other, we are together. We are only five to six actresses and another ten in Tamil, so there is no need for any jealousy or competition. Writers come up with good scripts for all of us. That’s why I have been very supportive of female performances,” she shares, adding that rivalry among actresses is manufactured most of the time.

“Actresses feel that they are in big competition and view other actresses as enemies. As a senior actress, I have started appreciating each one of them and now, everyone is friendly,” says Samantha, who reveals that husband Chaitanya makes fun of her old films at home.

“Whenever he feels bored, he watches my old songs and makes fun of me,” she says with a laugh.