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Samantha's U-Turn Movie Review

Vankaya 2018-09-13 19:59:52

It is quite regular to see remakes of hit movies or niche movies from one language to another. U-Turn is the new movie of Samantha Akkineni which is directed by the same person who helmed Kannada original, Pawan Kumar. Let's discuss how the movie is....


One incident on a fly-over makes journalist Archana (Samantha) go deel into the mystery and get into the details. She asks for the support of DSP Pradeep Nayak (Aadhi Pinisetty). They both follow the incident and find out that there is much more than what our eye see. Archana continues to investigate some accidents happening on the fly over and Nayak too gets suspicious. What happens next? Where will the investigation leads too? Watch the movie on screen. 


Samantha is the heart of this film and she performed well in her role. She handled different emotions really well and also carried the film on her shoulders very well. But as the film is 95% taken as it is the original, she tried to match Shraddha Srinath's performance from original and that is a drawback. Also, it is better if she goes back to her dubbed voice as her own voice doesn't suit for every role, she does. 

Adhi Pinisetty shines again in the police role. He seems to have patented on how to perform in certain roles with ease and this is another good performance from him. Rahul and others are ok. Bhumika could have been better. 


Niketh Bommireddy delivered clean and good compositions for a thriller. His camera work is a plus for this movie. 

Poornachandra Tejaswi's BGM is a bit too loud. He seems to have been overwhelmed by the occasion and involved too much that he wanted to be heard as loud as possible. 

Suresh Arumugam edited the movie well but dragged it out for length from original. Few scenes seem unnecessarily dragged out and he should have been able to bring that to director's notice. 

Pawan Kumar is one of the few directors who has the penchant to make different films and very difficult to convince subjects on screen with great ease. He did Lucia and U-Turn, too belongs to that complicated screenplay movie, which he handled well. But he couldn't land the climax properly once again even though he changed it a bit. Other than that he made what he believed to work from original and his eye for detail is commendable. 


Pawan Kumar even though told the story earlier, he decided to tell it again with different cast. Sometimes, a filmmaker loses grip of his story when narrating it the second time. But he managed to say it well enough till the climax portion and like in original again climax became weak here too. 

But as a director, he proved that he is getting better with each film and we hope to see him much better films in Telugu too from now on. The movie is a decent watch for weekend with family. 

Rating: 2.25/5