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4 Superstars who need to return for SmackDown 1000

Sportskeeda 2018-09-13 20:37:12

On October 23 this year, WWE SmackDown Live will celebrate its historic 1,000th episode of the show.

Since its pilot in April 1999, and it's official debut in August that year, the blue brand has provided an alternative to the superstars of Monday Night RAW, which celebrated its 1,000th episode in July 2012.

Over the past 19 years, SmackDown Live has played host to some of the biggest superstars in WWE history, and has seen plenty of shocking moments.

From Rhyno goring Chris Jericho through the stage in 2001, to Brock Lesnar and Big Show breaking the ring in 2003, to Edge's second Money in the Bank cash-in in 2007, the show is no stranger to controversy.

The blue brand has also seen the debuts of superstars such as John Cena and Randy Orton.

Here are 4 superstars who need to return for the historic show next month.

#4 Batista

2005 was definitely the year of the Animal. In January at the Royal Rumble, he won the 30-man match, last eliminating John Cena.

In April at WrestleMania, he vanquished his mentor Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

Later that year, he was drafted to SmackDown, where he held the title until January 2006.

Returning from injury, Batista would make SmackDown his home, becoming one of the most iconic superstars to don the blue.

Whilst Batista has said he hasn't been invited (yet), the show is going to take place in DC, which wouldn't just give fans the excitement of 'The Animal', but also the support of their home-town boy.