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Comparison between Android and IOS. Which one is better?

Techno byte 2018-09-14 12:27:02

Android is developed by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Nick Sears. Where as Steve Jobs idea was behind the development of iOS. Android is owned and developed by Google at present but iOS is owned by Apple.

Android is google product so any app developed by google supports Android, while Apple doesn't have many apps of its own. So other app developer companies as to separately built for iOS to support.

Is Android phones are better than iOS?

Let's check by comparing on some basis which is best:-


Android devices have great inbuilt storage space and even as option for extra space by using SD card it increases the storage in the phone. These reduces the chance of buying cloud space if you have insufficient space like iOS. Whereas iOS device as space but limited. They don't even have option for SD card so in case of insufficient space you have to buy space in icloud to increase your storage capacity.


As everyone knows that iOS devices never hang even though they have less RAM compared to Android. Its because the algorithm followed by iOS is different compared to Android. But Android is not less than iOS, Android have increased RAM space in their phones to work smoothly.


Android devices uses Play store to download any app for the devices. Where most of the apps are available for free and compatible with device. What ever the apps released by the companies are available in Play store. But in Play store they ask you to regularly update your app to fix previous issues facing by the app. iOS devices uses App store to download any apps for the device. Where most of the apps are in purchase. Most of the apps available in Android are not available in iOS. The app size is greater in iOS compared to Android device.


Android OS is used by many companies as their brand OS. But even though Android OS is used by many phone brands there settings and features differ from each other to make it unique from other. But for iOS only one company uses it Apple which is world wide known as iPhone.


Android as large number of customers compared to iOS. Because many phone companies uses as there phone OS. Another reason is it can be easily operated.


Android to Android you can share easily using SHAREit app.
iPhone to iPhone you can share using airdrop but sharing is limited to images, videos and docs, you cannot share app from one phone to another.
Android to iPhone you can share using SHAREit, but it takes a long process.
iOS first faced a lots problem in sharing because people using iOS could not able to share with their Android friends, so recently SHAREit bought a common platform to make it possible.


For these particular thing I think most of you out there knows the answer that iOS is costlier than Androids. These is also a major reason for less number of customers for iOS then Android.


At present if you look at security feature many Android devices are available with latest security in them. Their is no doubt even Android security is also best. iOS is known for their best security reason. These is the reason VIP persons choose iOS.

Whether you should buy Android or iOS?

According to all the above points actually Android is best. It gives you all the best features in your phone. Even spare parts are easily replaceable. So go for Android.