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Apple’s older iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s get price cut, here are details

Indian Express 2018-09-14 12:29:03
Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are here, but older models like iPhone 7 in this picture have also got a discount. We explore the full list of price-cut and older iPhone options you can consider. (Image source: Reuters)

With the launch of three new iPhones X variants, Apple has also reduced prices for its older iPhones (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus). If that was not enough, Apple has officially discontinued the iPhone X, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPhone SE.

This is a common practise, whenever a new model gets launched, Apple tends to introduce price cuts for older iPhones or discontinue the previous generation iPhones altogether.

So if you are looking to buy a previous generation iPhone, maybe this is the time to buy one for yourself. Bear in mind that the prices of older iPhones will drop further, around the festive reason. Here’s a list of eight phone models that you can purchase for less.

iPhone SE Price: Starts at Rs 19,674 for the 32GB model

The iPhone SE was an unusual smartphone for many reasons. It was the same size of the iPhone 5s, but had the hardware of the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE wasn’t the fastest phone, but it certainly was the cheapest iPhone one could buy.

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Despite having a small 4-inch screen, the iPhone SE is still a sold buy for most people. Even though the iPhone SE has been officially discontinued in other parts of the world, the device can still be purchased in India.

Pros: Decent hardware, headphone jack, great battery life, iOS 12
Cons: 4-inch screen is too small in 2018

Apple iPhone 6s launched in 2015. (Image source: Reuters)

iPhone 6s: Price: Rs 29,990 (32GB), Rs 39,990 (128GB)

The iPhone 6s is a logical choice for those who are looking to buy an iPhone in the budget. Sure, it doesn’t offer Face ID or dual cameras – but it’s not a bad option considering the price. Also, the iPhone 6s will be the best phone for most people who feels that the iPhone 6s Plus is too big to handle. On top of that, Apple iPhone 6s can be purchased in India for Rs 29,990, which is way more affordable than iPhone XR.

Pros: 3D Touch, iOS 12, headphone jack, 4K video recording
Cons: single camera on the back, no water resistance

iPhone 6s Plus: Price: Rs 34,900 (32GB), Rs 44,900 (128GB)

The iPhone 6s Plus is identical to the iPhone 6s in every sense, except for the screen size. The iPhone 6s Plus has a large, 5.5-inch display and a longer battery life , and a camera with optical image stabilization (OIS).

Unfortunately, you have to live with a single rear shooter on the back. Who should buy the iPhone 6s Plus? A pro user might get attracted towards the bigger screen size and a longer battery life.

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Pros: Display size, great battery life, a camera with OIS, headphone jack
Cons: No dual camera

Apple iPhone 7 Plus also comes with a dual-rear camera and was the first iPhone to offer this.

iPhone 7: Price: Rs 39,900 (32GB), Rs 49,900 (128GB)

While the iPhone 8 offers a lot more features (a glass-back design and an upgraded processor), the iPhone 7 doesn’t disappoint. It has the same screen size, the same cameras as the iPhone 8, and is also IP67 certified. Sure, the iPhone 7 doesn’t support wireless charging, but most people don’t even care about the feature. After the price cut, we would absolutely encourage users to get the iPhone 7.

Pros: Water resistance, respectable cameras
Cons: Missing headphone jack, not as fast as the iPhone 8

iPhone 7 Plus: Price: Rs 49,900 (32GB), Rs 59,900 (128GB)

It was perhaps the best smartphone when it got launched — and even today it makes complete sense to buy the iPhone 7 Plus. Not only does it have a big 5.5-inch screen, it is water-resistant, offers a dual-rear camera setup, and it has almost as good battery life as the iPhone 8 Plus.

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Except for a glass-back design (the iPhone 7 Plus has an aluminum build), wireless charging and a slightly slower processor, iPhone 7 Plus is exactly the same as the iPhone 8 Plus.

Pros: Big screen, dual cameras, IP67 rated
Cons: Wireless charging, aluminum build

Apple iPhone 8 Plus comes with wireless charging support as well. (Image source: Reuters)

iPhone 8: Price: Rs 59,900 (64GB), Rs 74,900 (256GB)

The iPhone 8 appears to be a complete smartphone in terms of features. It has the right screen size most people would need; in addition, it has a glass-back which makes it superior to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in terms of look and feel.

Plus, it brings wireless charging, which we believe will be the standard feature on all premium phones moving forward. Though it lacks a dual-camera setup, where the iPhone 8 Plus has the advantage.

Pros: A11 Bionic chip, water resistance, wireless charging, True Tone display,
Cons: Single rear camera

iPhone 8 Plus Price: Rs 69,900 (64GB), Rs 84,900 (256GB)

Yes, the iPhone 8 Plus does offer some fancy new features – wireless charging, a glass back design, dual-rear cameras, and Apple’s A11 Bionic chip — but it’s certainly not something we would like to recommend even after a price cut. Why?

Because the iPhone XR is a better deal than the iPhone 8 Plus. Logically speaking, the iPhone XR is a modern device, with an all-screen design, Face ID, a more advanced processor and it also comes in a dash of new colours. At the end, the choice is yours. Either buy the iPhone 8 Plus or wait for the iPhone XR to hit the Indian market.

Pros: A11 Bionic chip, a long battery life, dual cameras
Cons: lacks an all-screen design like the iPhone XR, Face ID

iPhone X: Price: Rs 91,900 (64GB), Rs 1,06,900 (256GB)

The iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone 10:) was Apple’s most exciting flagship when it made its debut last year. It had a futuristic design, an edge-to-edge OLED display, a new way to unlock the phone in the form of Face ID, and a jaw dropping price of Rs 95,390.

Now, the iPhone X starts at Rs 91,900 for the 64GB storage model and the 256GB variant will cost you Rs 1,06,900. While the price has come down, the iPhone X is not an impulsive buy. Instead, the iPhone XR seems to be a better option. It includes many of the same features and design as the iPhone X, and the same Face ID. The iPhone XR also supports Dual SIM and it comes in a range of different colours: white, black, blue, red, coral and yellow.

Pros: OLED display, dual rear cameras, premium build
Cons: Astronomically high price tag in India