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JNTU-H miffed over faculty members tepid response

Hans India 2018-10-09 03:49:11
JNTU-H miffed over faculty members tepid response
 Hyderabad: Higherups engaged in weeding out the fake degree holders working in the private engineering colleges affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU-H) turned out to be a worried lot. 
Because, in total, so far, the university authorities have summoned nearly 150 faculty members to attend in person along with their original certificates for the verification of their genuineness.
Speaking to The Hans India, a source said that during the first time in last month the university has summoned about 100 faculty members. But, only 70 members turned up in person. Similarly, the university has asked nearly 100 more to attend before the academic audit cell officials along with their certificates for the second and third time. 
But, even during the second and third occasions, the faculty members did not turn up making the verification processes a headache for the university authorities, the sources added.
Following these developments, the university authorities have taken serious exception to the casual manner in which its notices were being treated by the faculty members in question. 
Giving a final opportunity, the university has fixed a fresh date for all those earlier asked to attend in person, failing which, their names would be removed from the database of colleges in which were working, said a senior official from the JNTU-H. 
“The university has given enough opportunities. If they fail to comply with the university directions, then the colleges will be asked to remove them from their jobs and their names shall be deleted from the biometric attendance database of the colleges. 
Further, steps will be taken to ensure that they will not be in a position to join in any of the colleges affiliated to the JNTU-H,” the senior official said. 
The university has fast-tracked the verification process so as to complete the entire process by mid of or maximum by the end of this October. 
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