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Fall down on the US market brings rout in India, China and Japan stock markets

News Crab 2018-10-11 12:43:10
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After the biggest fall of 8 months on Wednesday in the US stock market, the major Sensitive index, Sensex opened with a huge decline of around 1000 points on thursday. The effect of American influence can be seen on all Asian markets, and in Japan and China market, which are opened before the Indian market, saw a tremendous pressure, including Hong Kong and Singapore, the market is witnessing a sharp decline.

Earlier, on the trading day on Wednesday, the stock market traded firmly with the Reserve Bank's move to handle the rupee and closed with strengthening of the Sensex by 460 and the Nifty by 160 points. But despite this increase, after the fall in the US stock market on Wednesday, markets including the , including Asia, started trading with a sharp fall.

Due to the American down fall, there was a sharp decline recorded in the Asian markets , prior the Indian market opened. Japan's main stock market benchmark index Nikkei opened with a big drop of 818 points. Nikkei was seen trading at a level of 22,689 with a decline of about 3.6 percent. Immediately after the opening of the Indian market, Nikkei was trading at 22,531 level with a decline of 4.15 percent at 9.57 minutes.

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