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Signs a guy is trying to make you break up with him

Pulse 2018-10-09 22:17:08

But he doesn't have the guts to tell you

Some men will tell you upfront when they feel that the relationship is not working and they want a breakup.

However, some have no balls to say it. So, they will try behaving in a way such that you are forced to break up with them.

Watch out for these signs that are a clear indication that a man is trying to make you break up with him:

1. He is too busy or too tired

As they say, no one is ever too busy to make time for someone they prioritize. So, if he has been making excuses not to be with you, he probably has one foot out of the relationship and is hinting to you that it’s time you left.

2. He flirts openly

play A guy who flirts does not care about you (everythinggirlslove)


A guy who flirts openly and does not care whether you see it is simply telling you to pack your bags. He no longer cares about you and wishes that you could just notice it and leave him at peace.


3. He has an affair

play Never cling to a man who is unfaithful (MadameNoire)


What other evidence do you need to know that he truly wants you out? You have caught him severally cheating on you and he didn’t even deny it because he wants you to break up with him.

4. He stopped caring

When you went out drinking and came back home late, he would get upset and say how worried he was. But now things have changed and he never notices whether you came home dead drunk or if you had a wound on your forehead because you had been fighting.


5. Violence

If every disagreement results to violence unlike earlier before when you would discuss your issues like adults, it’s no longer business as usual. Probably, it’s his way to tell you that he has had enough of you and you need to go.

6. He’s become a jerk

He is not a jerk and has never been one since you met him. But if he has suddenly changed his character, embarrasses you in public, humiliates you when you are with friends and cancels dates at the last minute, you better be leaving. He is only doing so to make you think that he is such jerk and you should thus break up with him.

But of course you deserve better; if he tries to make you break up with him, just get moving before it’s too late.