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Dodge created Santa's sleigh from a Hellcat

Geeky Gadgets 2018-11-06 18:23:32

One of the coolest cars that Dodge has unveiled in recent memory was the slick Challenger Hellcat with a giant blown V8 under the hood. With October gone that means marketers the world over are skipping directly over Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. Dodge already has its Christmas commercial ready to roll.

This commercial has Santa in a wild new sleigh that is made from a Challenger Hellcat car. The wheels are ditched in favor of a couple of metal runners on each side. The big 797hp supercharged V8 is still under the hood.

Perhaps that beast will vibrate enough to get the car moving in the snow, otherwise putting all that power to the ground is an issue. The eagle-eyed will notice antlers on the Hellcat emblem on the grille and side of the sleigh. Dodge also plans a video series for social media on how the sleigh was made.