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TDP and Janasena Flexes War at Amaravati

Cine Josh 2018-11-07 18:29:00

Janasena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's East Godavari tour intensified political heat across the AP state. Especially, Power Star's hulking denunciation on TDP, has made TDP's top brass panic-stricken. 

Eventually, posters war between Janasena and TDP was kickstarted. The other day a huge flex was erected in Vijayawada that read a severe criticism on Janasena chief. The poster says TDP was won in 2014 not because of Pawan Kalyan. Also, TDP's leader Katragadda Babu tried to degrade Janasena that the party can't win even one or two seats in elections.

Janasena, leaders, however, gave a fitting retort to TDP's flex. Interestingly, another flex was erected in the same location where TDP's flex was erected the previous day. And the flex reads CBN touched the feet of Pawan Kalyan in 2014 and that was why TDP came into power. Also, the flex states TDP would be pounded by Janasena in upcoming elections. The flex was erected under the leadership of Janasena's official spokesperson Mandali Rajesh.