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Chidambaram: Demonetisation ‘official money laundering scheme’, govt wants to capture RBI

nationalheraldindia 2018-11-08 16:34:53

"The day of reckoning is November 19 when the RBI board is scheduled to meet. The government has packed the RBI board with its handpicked nominees and is making every attempt to ram through its proposal at the meeting," Chidambaram said.

"If the RBI either defies the government or RBI governor resigns, in either events, the consequence will be catastrophic," he added.

Commenting on the upcoming elections and Congress positioning, Chidambaram said a state-wise alliances would benefit the party and was the best way to defeat the BJP.

Apparently emboldened by the victory of the ruling Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) alliance in the recent Karnataka by polls, Chidambaram said similar alliances should be formed in other states as well.

"The kind of alliance formed in Karnataka, it yielded results. Similar alliances should be formed in different states," he added.

Asked about the party's alliance in West Bengal, the former finance minister avoided a direct reply, saying, "The AICC will take a decision in this regard." Chidambaram also alleged that the Narendra Modi government has completely failed and the BJP has gone back to its Hindutva agenda.