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2018's Pop Culture Moments Are 2019's Baby Name Inspirations — See Our Favorite Picks

Pop Sugar 2018-12-01 04:20:03

There's no denying it — 2018 was a tough one (a raging dumpster fire, if you will) not unlike the two years that came before it. With so many sad and terrifying headlines populating our news feeds, it's no shocker that most of us turned to entertainment (and our couches) as a refuge. From movies like Black Panther and shows like Queer Eye, to the wonder of a man that is Noah Centineo (aka Peter Kavinsky) and American athletes like Adam Rippon who made the Olympics (yes, that was THIS year) hilarious, there have been so many notable moments in pop culture in 2018.

If you're expecting a baby in 2019, why not give your sweet little babe the name of a celebrity or character who kept you sane? We've compiled our absolute favorite names inspired by 2018's biggest movies, TV shows, stars, and moments — and they're all so damn good (I for one, will probably name my first kid Chadwick).