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Read Out There Super Awesome Jokes To Have A Laughter Blasting Day

Naukri Nama 2018-12-04 15:32:20

A general noticed one of his soldiers behaving oddly. The soldier would pick up any piece of paper he found, frown and say: “That’s not it” and put it down again.
This went on for some time, until the general arranged to have the soldier psychologically tested.
The psychologist watched him do this for several days and concluded that the soldier was deranged, he wrote out a discharge from the army for him and put it on his desk.
The soldier picked it up, smiled and said: “That’s it.”

A mouse is in the kitchen with her baby when a cat strolls in.
The mother mouse picks up the baby mouse and runs as fast as she can, but she’s not fast enough. The cat pounces, so she spins around and shouts at the top of her little voice, “Woof! Woof!” The cat is so shocked it stops in its tracks, and runs away.
The mother mouse turns to her baby and says, “You see now how important it is to learn a foreign language?”

A man was sitting at home one evening, when the doorbell rang.
When he answered the door, a 6 foot tall cockroach was standing there. The cockroach immediately punched him between the eyes and scuttled off.
The next evening, the man was sitting at home when the doorbell  rang. When he answered the door, the cockroach was there again. This time, it punched him, kicked him and karate chopped him before scuttling away.The third evening, the man was sitting at home when the doorbell rang again. When he answered the door, the cockroach was there yet again. It leapt at him and stabbed him several times before scuttling away. The gravely injured man managed to crawl to the telephone and called  an ambulance.  He was rushed to intensive care, where they just managed to save his life.
The next morning, the doctor was doing his rounds and he stopped to ask the man what had happened, so the man explained about the 6 foot cockroach’s attacks, culminating in the near fatal stabbing.
The doctor looked at him with sympathy and said, “Yes, there’s a nasty bug going around.”