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Rapper Kanye West steals jewellery from a fashion show, caught on camera

News Track 2018-12-04 16:57:00

The world famous rapper Kanye West was caught on camera 'stealing' an earring from a fashion show . The rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian West were sitting in the front row at the New York Versace fashion show fashion show December 2. As per the reports of, When rapper noticed the piece of jewellery on the catwalk. Kanye decided to use the opportunity to claim it for himself but he was caught on camera by Kim.

Kim uploaded a video on its Instagram account in which Ken says that  "I'm about to steal this earring that dropped, it's just there,". he further added that "They think they getting this back but I'm about to steal this.”

Kim was wearing a silver sequinned minidress by Donatella Versace's brand, while Kanye wore a smart navy coat layered over a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Kim is yet to reveal whether her husband ever did return her earring or not.